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  Michael Gerber      - Guitar/Vocals
  Tobias Jacobs       - Guitar
  Felix Jacobs        - Bass
  Christian Hilfinger - Keyboards
  Christopher Blei    - Drums

  Genre               - Melodic Death Metal
  From                - Freiburg and Mannheim, Germany
  Formed              - 2001
  Current lineup      - 2015

  The Damnation EP    - Demo, 2006, 4 Tracks
  Suicidal Seraphim   - Demo, 2007, 4 Tracks
  Fragments Of I      - Full-Length, 2009, 12 Tracks
  Phoenix             - Full-Length, 2016, 10 Tracks
Melodic and brutal! Solemn and fast! This is how Melodic Death Metal from south Germany sounds like. For more than 10 years Frozen Infinity have animated their fans to bang heads, with an enthusiastic audience that reaches far beyond only Metal fans.
Influenced by the big names from Scandinavia and Finland, and seasoned with their individual ideas, the five band members are creating the unique sound of Frozen Infinity.
Founded in 2001, active 2006-2009 with 2 EPs and one full-length album as well as numerous live shows. Since late 2015 the bands lineup is again complete, and with the upcoming release of the new Album "Phoenix" Frozen Infinity is rising from the ashes again.
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